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Video Door PhoneSales

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When someone pushes the bell button of the outdoor unit the image of the visitor will display on the monitor, we can talk and unlock the door from the monitor. There are buttons on the monitor for unlocking, two-way communication.

The model may vary as per market availability.

If you would like to know who’s at your door even before you open it, video door phones are your ultimate security solution. Widely used in homes, apartments, and businesses, they’ve proven themselves to be reliable and crime resistant. Switch to a more secure way of living with an assured safety solution.


  1. 4.3″ Colour TFT Screen Handset
  2. Touch Intuitive
  3. Sleek Look
  4. Enables Two-way communication
  5. Unlocks the electric lock on recognizing the visitor
  6. Choose from 8 different Ringtones
  7. Advanced Night Vision Camera
  8. Expandable up to 3 monitors

How does it work?

The Video Door Phone unit comprises an indoor unit (this comes with a monitor) and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit has an inbuilt microphone and a mounted camera. Every single time someone rings the doorbell, the image of the visitor can be seen on the monitor of the indoor unit. These cameras come with night vision and two-way audio communication. The night vision feature makes it convenient to spot visitors or intruders at night in the dim light.

A Step Forward In Video Doorbells

Security Video door phone systems are usually integrated with various control systems, accessible from anywhere in the house. Our Video Door phones have distinct features that make it the bestselling name in security systems.

  • Unlock Doors Remotely: Now, you do not have to attend to the door every time the doorbell rings. View the visitor from the monitor and press the ‘Lock-release’ button to grant access.
  • Additional Monitors: With the option of getting extra screens, make your home completely automated viewing the visitor from any room you want.
  • Night Vision: The infrared lights around the camera in the outdoor unit allow you to see the visitor at the door in low light conditions as well. Moreover, adjusting the brightness and contrast in the image from the indoor unit with ease.
  • Weatherproof Technology: The outdoor units are made for the rugged Indian conditions. Be it a dust storm or rain, these will guard your home for years.

Making Home Security Convenient

Don’t want to answer the door? Check who it is and choose the response. Even if someone tries to fiddle with the door lock at night, the night vision cameras allow you to check it within seconds and take action.

For any video door phone for apartment, Global Technologies provides premium home security systems which are convenient to install. Designed by India’s best security experts, the brand promises protection with the genuine quality that lasts. Secure your home today with Global Technologies.