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Global Technologies Enterprise got established with the aim of providing wide range of IT Services & automatic security solutions to clients at its optimum level. We provide customized, high-end services to companies with Satisfaction Guarantee. Global Technologies Enterprise operates as a Third Party Vendor within various IT facilities at small and mid size companies in various states across India, providing dedicated proactive IT services which delivers secure, scalable, high performance IT services & solutions to its esteemed customers on various operating systems & platforms.
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Microsoft WindowsSales/Support in Kolkata & Barasat

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We give following Services for Windows

Windows 10 anniversary updates errors

Windows 7 IE Browser crashes

Troubleshoot and Resolve Windows Blue Screen Error

Windows 10 Repair and PC Tune-UP

Troubleshoot Common Windows Warning & Unexpected Errors

MS Windows security pop-ups

MS Internet Explorer crashes

Installation & Configure MS Office Outlook

Wired and wireless networking issues

Touchpad Not Working on MS Windows 10 OS

Windows 10 Sound not working

Hotmail is not able to sync with other email services

Windows 10 Settings & Customization Errors

Outlook installation & setup problems

Unable to upgrade Office 365 or Office 2016

Not able to open MS Word document

Resolve Common MS Windows10 sound issues

Non-Availability of Wireless Networks

Get round the clock technical assistance and support for fixing Microsoft’s product errors which you face regularly. Most of the Microsoft end- users face various issues with the MS Windows OS such as Windows Aero is not working, the webcam is switched on, but the microphone isn’t working, where is my Windows 7 or 10 activation code, my iPhone doesn’t sync in MS Windows 7 or 10. Now you don’t need to tense, our Microsoft customer support team is accessible for any kind of technical assistance.

Technical support for MS office

We cannot imagine a life without the MS Office suite. Each time we switch on our PC for office or home use, the very first thing we do is to search for the MS Office applications on our computer. The Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint give new dimensions to our business. An MS Office end-user requires proper training and guidance to work on the MS Office software. We offer excellent support for Microsoft office.

Microsoft office applications

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Office outlook
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • OneNote

Support for MS Office 365 for Small Business and Enterprise

MS office 365 is a complete package of tools for windows users providing multiple programs to perform the various computing task. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Skype and OneDrive all comes in a single bundle. Users also get online tech support for MS office to solve issues of any of the MS office program used by different users.

Get Our Support for MS Office 365 Issues

Backed with world-class technology and highly skilled technicians, we provide best tech support service for home, small business and enterprise. We are a third-party service provider also offering Microsoft MS office 365 support services for end-users looking for online help. We solve MS office 365 related multiple issues remotely with complete safety and privacy.

Our Support for MS Office 365 Covers following Programs:

  • Support for MS Excel
  • Support for MS Word
  • Support for MS PowerPoint
  • Support for MS OneNote
  • Support for MS Outlook
  • Support for MS Access
  • Support for MS Publisher
  • Support for Skype
  • Support for OneDrive

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Service in Kolkata

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is server Operating System developed by Microsoft. It is known to be the successor of Windows Server 2003 with new features such as server core, an optional installation that allows administration completely via command line interface. The second name of it is Windows Server 2008 r2. In order to have successful functioning of the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 avail the solution services. In order to enjoy service at your doorstep connect to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Service in Kolkata where our qualified technicians are available to assist your any technical error related to Windows Server 2008. You can get the installation, setup and configure support via connecting with our skilled technicians. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 rolled all together to manage server and security configuration Wizard from server Manage console which allows the administrator to conduct many server tasks. Enjoy the Windows Server 2008 Service under the assistance of qualified, skilled, talented and capable technicians.

Avail support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 tech issues:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 download
  • Support to install Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 setup
  • Support for any other issues with Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 end of life
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 active directory support
  • Support for the successful functioning of Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Service in Kolkata

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is the sixth release of Windows server. Operating System developed by Microsoft is the successor of Windows Server 2008 with two pre-release version during development was developer preview and beta version. The successor name of Windows Server 2012 is Windows Server 2012 r2. In order to have successful functioning of the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 avail the solution services. To enjoy the service at your doorstep connects to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Service in Kolkata where our qualified technicians are available to assist your any technical error related to Windows Server 2012. You can get the installation, setup and configure support via connecting with our skilled technicians. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 with new and advanced features such as an updated version of Hyper-V, IP address management role, Windows Task Manager and ReFS which is a new system file.

Avail support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 tech issues:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 download
  • Support to install Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 setup
  • Support for any other issues with Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 end of life
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 active directory support
  • Support for the successful functioning of Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 ReFS
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 IP address management

Microsoft Windows repair services

We offer one-stop services for the Microsoft Windows as all the Windows tools could be available under a single account, for this reason, it becomes essential for the users to comprehend their email and application setup. You can easily synchronize your Windows PC with your Windows phone and the calendar and one drive apps can be accessed from across the globe. We impart training to our technicians on a regular basis and also provide them a platform where they can continuously update their skills and provide fast solutions to your every technical problem.

We give following Services for Windows:

  • POP and IMAP account set up assistance
  • Assistance with email setup and installation of the application
  • Syncing help to mobile devices
  • Password recovery and change in account details
  • Help on managing the one drive, Xbox, and Microsoft account
  • Windows live email set up to Outlook
  • Support for connecting to other window devices
  • Subscription assistance on games and music
  • Junk and virus removal assistance
  • Data restoration on windows devices

Microsoft Outlook repair services

We provide complete technical assistance for MS Outlook. Our tech support executive will explain you each step of setting the Outlook mail account. We often observed that many users have not sufficient information about various features, due to this their productivity will be effected in the long run and they will lose their important time on customizing some simple settings. There are various good features in the Outlook if you take professional help from the highly qualified and certified technicians of our Microsoft Outlook support team. Our team works round the clock to enhance your MS Outlook experience. Don’t waste your precious time; just contact our Microsoft Outlook repair services phone number immediately.

Our MS Outlook Support includes following services:

  • Data file and import and export setting assistance
  • Setting up meeting schedule and block the calendar
  • Built-in calendar and reminder
  • integration with the shared drive
  • Bulk email, auto-reply, and keyboard shortcuts
  • Available in online and offline modes
  • The configuration of new email account to Outlook
  • filtering spam, and creating subfolders
  • Help on setting meeting schedule to group
  • Setting up with POP and IMAP server
  • Connectivity assistance to Outlook
  • Assistance on workstation email integration
  • Aid in saving contacts, creating to-do bar
  • Help on creating rules and alert to Outlook

Microsoft Active Directory Service in Kolkata

Active Directory is directory services that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. The AD plays a server role that allows admins to manage and store information about resources from a trusted network as well as application data in a distributed database. Avail the support for installing, setting up and configuring the AD at Microsoft Active Directory Service in Kolkata to enjoy the Windows Server Operating System as a set of processes and services too. Connect with our qualified, talented, skilled and experienced technicians to avail the technical support for Active Directory so that they are working efficiently and successfully. Only the in-charge of centralized domain management and it has become an umbrella title for the broad range of directory identity-related services.

Avail Support for Microsoft Active Directory tech issues:

  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory standard for global directories
  • Support for the capability to secure extension of network operations to the Web
  • Support for a hierarchical organization offering a single point of access for system administration to reduce redundancy and errors
  • Support for object-oriented storage organization, which allows easier access to information
  • Support for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol to enable inter-directory operability
  • Support for design related issues to be both backward compatible and forward compatible

Microsoft Domain Configuration Service in Kolkata

Computers, Laptop, tablet and any other internet using device can connect to the domain via LAN, WAN and or using VPN connection. When you are a domain user you will be able to use enhanced security for VPN connection to support for central authority which can be gained when a domain is added to network and use of digital certificates and smart cards are used to confirm identities and secure your certification authority which is gained when domain is added to network. A Microsoft Domain has formed a computer network in which your accounts, PC, printer, security principals are registered with central database located on one or more clusters of the central focused computer which is known as domain controllers to which authentication also take place. When you want to get the Microsoft Domain Configuration done successfully connect with our qualified technicians. Any of the user who uses PC, laptop within a domain receives a unique account that can then be assigned access to resources within the domain.

Avail Support for Microsoft Domain Configuration tech issues:

  • Support for Microsoft Domain account login in
  • Support for Microsoft Domain Account sign in
  • Support for Microsoft Domain registration
  • Support for Microsoft Domain controller issues
  • Support for Microsoft Domain other settings services
  • Support for Microsoft domain hosting
  • Support for controllers firewall ports

Microsoft Hyper-V Service in Kolkata

Microsoft Hyper-V also was known as Windows Server Virtualization is a native hypervisor using technology which creates a virtual machine running on Windows hence allocating resources to each VM Operating System. Any server computer running hyper-v can be configured to expose individual virtual machine to one or more networks. The codename Viridian consisting of Windows Server 2008 server core when released in 2008 along with disabling Windows Server 2008 as limited to Windows Services. The very first version was limited to the command-line interface used to configure the host OS, physical hardware, and software as well. To avail, the best support solution connects with our qualified technicians at Microsoft Hyper –V Service in Kolkata and have the recently released Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 including Windows PowerShell v2 for greater CLI control. Hyper-V is a major player in Virtualization as server virtualization becomes more important when it comes to security and protection.

Avail Support for Microsoft Hyper-V tech issues:

  • Support for hosting technical issues
  • Support for additional system requirements
  • Support for Licensing requirement
  • Support for file formatting and compatibility
  • Support for managing the content
  • Support for emulated v synthetic devices issues
  • Support for integrated components issues
  • Support for other virtual networks
  • Support for virtual MAC addresses
  • Support for RDP with Hyper-V

Avail the Quality Microsoft Support Service in Barasat, Kolkata

With no more delay connect with Global Technologies tech team service provider. With no more delay to resolve the problem now, you can call on our contact number 8017064441 any hour of the day. You can also drop an email to customer support email address or have live chat with technicians whom you can connect via chat or dialing number. Call at Microsoft Customer Support Number and have the support solution at your desk via our online remote assistance.