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How Does The Hard Drive Can Damage or Corrupt Internally or Externally

How Does The Hard Drive Can Damage or Corrupt Internally or Externally

In this blog, we will discuss how does the hard drive can damage or corrupt internally or externally. There are some reasons by which your hard drive can damage to prevent your hard drive by this types of disaster you should follow the given below steps.


If your desktop or laptop is heating or the fans are not working properly or when you start your device and after some time the device is started heating, or if your system making clicking or different noise then you should check the cooling fan, because improper ventilation in the CPU cooling fan can lead to hard disk crash. If your system is suffering from this type of issue you should take some steps to resolve this before the hard drive fails. To resolve overheating issue you can read our blog.




2.Corrupted files and documents


Your important files or documents may be damaged or corrupt by unexpected shutdown due to power failure or by force restart. If your files are corrupt then you are no longer to access that file from the hard drive. This problem mainly occurs when you don’t shut down your PC in the proper way or some of the software is running and accidentally the software close or by mistake, you install malicious or faulty software. To save your files and documents from this type of problem always close the running software before you shut down the computer, always shut down the computer in the proper way and avoid installing the buggy or malicious software.


3. Hard drive internal failure

If your hard drive has bad sectors or blocks, then the spindle motor stops working or virus attacks can change the hard drive operation and erase the hard drive data. If any of this thing happening with the hard drive, then the hard drive starts giving clicking noise, the computer will freeze, data may become invisible or corrupt, the black screen comes after booting the system.

To prevent your hard drive from internal failure always use the latest and license antivirus software. Always update the computer when update notification comes. And if you are using the hard drive since last 5 to 6 years you should replace the hard drive before it damages any of your important data.
Note: Latest Windows 10 and 8 has the capability to detect and delete the virus because it using UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) technology. If you get the notification that the system has detected the virus immediately remove the virus.


4.Why hard drive stops working and what to do

  1. If someday your computer does not detect the hard drive check in the BIOS. If the hard drive is not showing in the BIOS try to check the hard drive on another device. If another device is also not detecting the hard drive, then it must be sure that the hard drive unable to spin up.
  2. Mainly this type of problem occurs if your hard drive is new because may be the manufactures sold the hard drive before testing it, in this type of scenario you should take the replacement from the manufacturing company.
  3. Or if your hard drive is old then this type of problem may occur due to power surges like if you are using a UPS, the power supply of UPS is either too high or too low or you plug your device in the defective power socket.

To prevent the hard drive from this type of problem use branded UPS, do not plug the computer into the defective power socket and always shut down your device when there is no use. And the main thing if your hard drive is not detecting in any of the computers and you have the important data in it, then you should prefer a data recovery company to recover a data from it. Because the data recovery company has proper tools and software by which they are able to recover the data from the hard drive which is no more detecting on the computers.










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