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Global Technologies Enterprise got established with the aim of providing wide range of IT Services & automatic security solutions to clients at its optimum level. We provide customized, high-end services to companies with Satisfaction Guarantee. Global Technologies Enterprise operates as a Third Party Vendor within various IT facilities at small and mid size companies in various states across India, providing dedicated proactive IT services which delivers secure, scalable, high performance IT services & solutions to its esteemed customers on various operating systems & platforms.
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ & Service Policy

Repair FAQ

Repairing for software issues.

Most of the software related issues can be fixed at the customer’s doorstep. However, for some software related issues (exp: installation of the new operating system) we prefer to bring your device and fix it in our workshop in order to save time & we do not charge anything for our pick-up & delivery service.

However, if you want us to serve at your doorstep, you can get that by going through our ‘per hour’ billing process.

Repairing for hardware issues.

There are three steps we follow to fix any hardware issue in an efficient way.

Step 1: You book a technician by providing all the necessary details regarding the issue. Also, choose a preferred time for the repair job.

Step 2: Our engineer will visit your place, check your device for any hardware issue (in some cases we may have to bring your device to our workshop in order to give you an accurate cost & time estimation)

Step 3: Once you approve the given cost and time estimation for your repair job, we can proceed & fix the issue.

Step 3: Your device gets delivered within given time frame & under given cost estimation. And you will get a 1-month Global Technologies warranty (Along with manufacturer warranty) for FREE with every repair job.

Can i get FREE checkup of my device?

Yes, you can. Just bring down your device to any of our workshops and get it checked by our certified engineers for free.

What do you repair?

We repair all kind of laptops, desktops, printers, and network issues.

Do you fix under warranty devices?

No. We don’t. In case your device is under warranty, we recommend you to visit the device authorized service center and get it fixed for free.

I have an under warranty device. Which i want to get fixed by Global Technologies. Can you do that?

Yes. But it will be a paid service and your device warranty get void.

Where do you serve?

Currently, our service is limited to kolkata, West Bengal only.

What is your service timing?

Our engineers are available from 10 AM to 8 PM. Monday to Sunday.

What is your support timing?

Our support team is available from 9 AM to 9 PM via phone, email and live chat through out the week.

Service FAQ

What is cost estimation?

Once your device is collected, our engineers will go through the issue and list out the problems and cost of fix those problems. Our support team will then call and email you the detailed cost estimates for the repair job.

Note: We can only proceed and fix the issue if the given cost estimation is approved by the customer.

What is time estimation?

There is an estimated time for fixing any issue. Once our engineers inspect your device, they can give us the approx time it will take to fix the issue. Which our support team will inform you via call or email, once it is approved we can proceed and fix the issue.

I want you to fix my device's hardware issue in front me. Will it be possible?

Yes, Only if it is possible to fix the issue on site. Note that, it is not possible to fix most of the hardware issues on site. In such cases, you will have to give your device for getting it fixed at our workshop.

What is inspection charge?

If your device gets inspected by our engineer and you decline to take our service, in that you will have to pay a minimum inspection charge.

What is your inspection charge?

At present, the minimum inspection charge is 250 rupees.

Note that, it may vary as per the service.

I don't want to pay any inspection charge. What to do?

Inspection charge is only taken if you do not take our service after your device is inspected by our engineer. You do not have to pay any inspection charge if you are taking our service. Inspection, pickup, and delivery of your device are absolutely FREE with Global Technologies.

How qualified Global Technologies engineers are?

All our technicians are experts in Microsoft Application Trainers, Microsoft Product Specialists, Certified Professionals, Network Administrators, Chip level repairing. Global Technologies engineer’s minimum qualification is Graduate/Diploma. They also undergo an extensive training course for months to cater to customer needs and deliver excellent service.

Why my device repair job has been delayed?

We understand your urgency & importance of your device. But in some rare cases, your device repair job may get delayed depending on availability of the component, communication with the right department or waiting for the approval from your end.

In case of any delay, you will get notified by our support team via calls or email.

What is remote computer support?

Remote computer support, also known as ‘online support’, allows us to remotely view your computer screen and securely fix most computer and network problems right through the Internet via remote control. In fact, it’s like watching your computer fix itself! This type of computer support works through ‘desktop sharing’ technology. What this means is that when you ‘log in to our secure online support center’, you can allow a technical support representative to ‘view’ and ‘interact’ with your computer remotely via the Web fixing problems fast.